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Must-Hear Interview: Sean Croxton interviews Robb Wolf

There are a lot of high quality Ancestral Health podcasts out there, and they can be a great way to get a good broad understanding of nutrition and health. But the amount of Podcasts available can be overwhelming. To help you with this, I have started this series of Blog posts to guide you to the best Ancestral Health interviews on the internet.

For information on how to download and listen to Podcasts check out this article.

Robb Wolf

In this episode of the Underground Wellness podcast Sean Croxton interviews Robb Wolf who is one of leaders of the Paleo movement. Robb Wolf talks about his book The Paleo Solution and explains some of the fundamentals of the Paleo life-style and how to put it into practice.


Must-Hear Interview: Mark Sisson

Mark Sisson’s book “The Primal Blueprint”, is on my list of Top-3 books on ancestral health. In this interview with Sean Croxton of UW Radio, Mark explains the principles of the Primal Blueprint including The Ten Immutable Laws of Primal Living.

To listen to the interview click here

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