Peter’s Story


I was overweight for nearly 25 years, and I have several failed attempts at losing weight behind me. My name is Peter Melbye. I am a 42-year old Danish national who lives in London, UK with my wife and 7-year old son.

By the middle of 2010 I had reached 251 lbs / 114 kg, which according to the BMI scale made me morbidly obese

This shook me. I came to realise I may not be around to see my son grow up. It was time to listen to my wife’s warnings and take decisive action to improve my health.

So, I became obsessed with understanding weight loss and human health. I read every blog out there and devoured books and scientific studies like my life depended on it – which it did. The insights I gained were dramatically different from things I had tried in the past. Some ran completely counter to mainstream medical advice.

But over ten months I lost 68 lbs / 31 kg and my health improved dramatically. My blood pressure was ideal, my resting heart rate superb and my cholesterol excellent.

Suddenly, everyone started to ask me how I did it. Well it wasn’t the traditional route which most Doctors and health experts drum into us.

I believe most of the advice we receive on health and nutrition is wrong. The reasons for this are complex. Some of it is down to dogmas and biases in the scientific establishment. And some of it is down to government health guidelines which ignore the good science that is available out there.

I realise these are extraordinarily hubristic, even arrogant, claims. I am, after all, not a medical professional. I am merely a layman. But I have put in a lot of time and energy to unearth the best information available on human health and nutrition. I personally feel we know enough to say with some certainty that the low-fat dogma of the last 50 years is wrong. It is time we look at new ideas and new approaches to achieving optimal health.

If you are tired of the official health hype and want to find credible and effective alternatives, please explore the materials on this blog as well as the other sources of information I post references to.


This blog reflects my personal opinions and experiences. None of the material I make available should be construed as medical advice, nor should it replace proper medical consultation. If this blog inspires you to start your own weight loss program, I encourage you to consult a medical professional. If you, your friends or your doctors wish to question or challenges any information on this blog, I welcome your feedback. Please leave a comment by the relevant blog article.


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