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Primal Case-Studies: An update from Phil

Those of you who follow my blog regularly will recall I interviewed Phil back in November.

Phil switched to a low-carb life-style  September last year in an effort to manage his diabetes. His early results were spectacular. He lost 14 lbs / 7kg in 3 weeks, and he cut his use of insulin to a third of what it was previously.

Phil has agreed to update us on his progress periodically. Here is the latest instalment.

What has happened since we last spoke in November?

My weight has stabilised at 85Kg. I probably could lose a few more Kg, but everyone I meet notices the loss of weight.

My ill fitting clothes were getting embarrassing, so I have had to buy a new suit, and lots of new clothes.

And I feel fantastic. None of the drowsiness that I used to have almost every day. Generally I am full of energy.

What challenges have you come up against in maintaining your new life-style?

Every time I find myself in a different place or situation, finding something suitable to eat can be a challenge. I used to be very flexible and would eat whatever was available. But now it is the opposite. But then, when I do find something, I almost always feel really happy with what I have eaten and rarely regret not having what I would have eaten. If that makes sense.

How do people react to the changes you have made?

Everyone seems to be very respectful of it. Last week we went to dinner with friends and they went to so much effort to make the meal suitable for me. I was moved that people react so well.

What have you learned over the past two months that have caused you to make further changes to your life-style?

I have learnt that this way of eating can be really enjoyable. And the benefits are clear. I have done lots of reading, which led me to stop taking the Statins that my doctor had recommended.

What are the health questions that pre-occupy you at the moment?

The main thing that I haven’t sorted out yet is my exercise. I love doing exercise, in particular running and playing football. But I was finding it hard to manage the sugar levels. Then I got an Achilles problem that was not going away. I am seeing a specialist about it and he recommended a change in exercise routine.

What changes to your health do you hope to see in the coming months?

Once my Achilles is sorted I am looking forward to starting a new regime of exercise. I hope to get back to my old fitness levels and lose a few more Kg.


Weight Loss Success Stories

Other people’s successes inspire me whatever goal I am pursuing, and weight loss is no different. I particularly like stories about people who have both lost weight and transformed their health in the process.

Here is a selection of weight loss stories I really like. Not everything these guys advocate would work for me, but the success they have had is irrefutable and amazing. We can all learn from their journeys.

Read how Greg got rid of hypertension, pre-diabetes, metabolic syndrome and 75lbs in 6 Months.

Kristy Griner tells us how she conquered depression, lost 120lbs and discovered the joys of being a strong and healthy Mum.

I wonder how you must feel when like this guy you have lost more than half your total body weight going from 538lbs to 268lbs.

The Unconquerable Dave has become a bit of a celebrity on Mark Sisson’s website. No surprise, his transformation is amazing and he is quite a character too.

Jay Meyers lost 80lbs along with his dandruff problem by eating primal. It’s hard to believe his before and after pictures are of the same person.

Tell me about the success stories that have inspired you by leaving me a comment below.

Primal Case-Studies: Phil’s story about diabetes on a low-carb diet

Phil is a friend of mine who has switched to a low-carb life-style to manage his diabetes.

Phil started his new life-style a mere 7 weeks before this interview. But as you will see, his early results are nothing short of spectacular.

We will check in with Phil periodically. This is the first instalment of his story.

What was your health situation before you decided to change your diet and life-style?

I have had type 1 diabetes for the last 5 years. After the initial shock, I had settled into a reasonable routine. The Doctors were reasonably happy with me. I was doing most things right.

But I was gradually putting on weight, was finding exercise hard to do, and was finding it hard to maintain my sugars at the right levels. Almost every day I would have times where I was low (hypos) or high (hypers) and each had its own problems.

What caused you to suddenly make changes in your life?

I read the book that you recommended. Suddenly everything made sense.

What have you learned about diet and health you did not know before?

Just how linked they are. I always thought that diet had an influence with health, but I just assumed it was purely down to keeping your weight down and eating enough vitamins/minerals to be healthy. I didn’t realise just how important to the body’s health everything we put into it is.

What changes did you make in your life and what pace and order did you make them in?

I went straight in and cut out all bread, pasta, rice and potatoes. With immediate effect. And then I cut right down on fruit. That was the hardest as I am addicted to fruit. I still eat it occasionally, but in moderation.

Then I set about finding all the things I can eat that I like and eat them as much as I want. Eggs for breakfast. Meat, fish and more meat and fish.

What challenges did you have in putting your new life-style into practice?

There are some moments where I have nothing that I can eat. That is hard. And shopping for the family is hard. I can’t force things on them but I don’t really want to make lots of things that I can’t eat.

What changes have you seen so far and what difference has it made to you?

I lost over a stone (7Kg) in the first 3 weeks. Since then my weight has stabilised. But the main change is in my sugar levels. I still feel I am calibrating my body, so I am not yet perfect, but generally my sugar levels have been fantastic.

Apart from the odd mistake, I can now keep my sugars within the normal range pretty much all day. I don’t have the high sugars after a meal which made me drowsy, and I am pretty sure this is going to be help me avoid problems in the future.

What changes do you expect to see in the future if you continue following your program?

I think I should lose a bit more weight, and I am hoping to be able to build up my exercise levels. Exercise is the only area that I still can’t quite manage properly. At the moment exercise seems to put my sugars up and I can’t seem to predict it. But it will come.

What challenges do you think you will have going forward in sticking to the program?

I have already noticed my wife and family are getting bored with the meals I have been preparing so I think I will have to get more imaginative. And I think Xmas is going to be difficult.

Further Reading

The book Phil refers to in this interview is “Diabetes Solution” by Dr. Bernstein.

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