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In October 2010 I was BIG. An impressive 251 lbs or 114 kg. For a six foot, one inch 42 year-old man, it was not only sad, it was bad. I was dangerously obese.

Ten months later I was a trim, happy and healthy man of 183 lbs or 83 kg.

I lost weight because I ignored traditional health and nutrition advice and I took time to research alternative views. As a result I am not only lighter. My energy levels are back to what they were in my twenties.

You will find this blog useful if you have had any of the following experiences and you want to do something about it:
  • You have attempted to lose weight before but the results were disappointing or temporary.
  • Your weight has got to the stage were medical professionals consider you obese or morbidly obese.
  • Your energy levels are up and down and you tend to feel sluggish after meals.
  • You suffer chronic discomforts, aches or minor physical impairments.
  • You often have trouble sleeping through the night.
  • At some point, you got allergies that did not affect you before.
  • Your blood pressure has started creeping up, or it is already too high.
  • You are diabetic.

On Primal Peter you will find a mixture of musings on my personal experience along with references to writings by experts I have come to respect. Most of them know much more about this topic than I do. My intention is to share how their wisdom has helped me. My hope is this will help you turn around your health also.

 The materials I share on this site will likely contradict things you have been told about nutrition in the past. I encourage you to have an open mind. I also welcome your feedback should you wish to challenge the information on this blog.


This blog reflects my personal opinions and experiences. None of the material I make available should be construed as medical advice, nor should it replace proper medical consultation. If this blog inspires you to start your own weight loss program, I encourage you to consult a medical professional. If you, your friends or your doctors wish to question or challenges any information on this blog, I welcome your feedback. Please leave a comment by the relevant blog article.

  1. Garth hughes

    Hi Peter. I hope all is well. I wanted to ask your advice on diet soft drinks – in particular, Diet Coke. From what others have written, it looks like you should stay away from artificial sugars. I know that these drinks hold no nutritional value, but am interested to hear your thoughts, as i used to be quite a fan….although have resisted of late… Thanks so much. Garth

    • Hi Garth

      The short answer is that I generally stay clear of diet sodas. I may have one every now and then, but I have a number of concerns about habitual consumption of artificial sweeteners. Some of them disrupt your biochemistry and personally the more sweet stuff I consume there more I crave it, which is unfortunate when like me you are aiming to avoid fluctuating blood sugar.

      This topic is a great idea for a blog article, so I will put that on the list.

      Keep the questions coming!

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