My personal trainer at PaleoFX 2012

So, I have a bit of a guilty conscience. I have not posted any material to this blog for a while, and I have not done any exercise for nearly a week.

Work has been taking my attention, so there hasn’t been much time for play. In a week’s time I should be in the clear.

In the meantime, my personal trainer Darryl Edwards appeared as speaker at the PaleoFX 2012 conference in Austin, TX. He also did some Primal Play classes at the conference. I really like this video he posted of it on YouTube.

I am a fan of Darryl’s methods, and I really hope his appearance at PaleoFX helps raise his profile. Check out the testimonial I wrote about my experience with his Play Camp classes here.


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  1. Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez

    Hi Peter, thanks for the excellent blog, I read all your posts.

    I have one question maybe you can help me out: Have you come across the Durkan method? It is very popular in Spain/France and looks very similar to Primal concept. I was wondering if you know what are the main differences and why one is better than the other?

    Thanks. Antonio

    • Hi Antonio

      I don’t know an awful lot about it, but as I understand it the Durkan diet is a relatively high-protein low-carb diet that originated from France. Based on what I have seen, it is marketed quite aggressively and runs online paid-for weight loss counselling programmes.

      The Durkan is only really similar to Primal in the sense that it is low-carb. Aside from that there are many differences. From a macro-nutrient perspective, Primal tends to be low-carb, high-fat, moderate-protein. Durkan is higher in protein and lower in fat. Primal is also more specific about the providence of your food sources and emphasises organically grown produce along with grass fed meat. Durkan appears to be less discerning about this.

      I am quite pragmatic with these things. Whilst Durkan is not for me, it could work well for others. One of the things I do like about the programme is that it focuses not just on weight loss, but also on weight stabilisation. The stabilisation period is only a few months, and I would say you have to watch your weight for at least two years before you can confidently say you have moved down your fat set point. But most weight loss programmes pay no attention at all to weight stabilisation.

      Bottom line I view Primal as a life-style. It’s not a diet, it’s a different way to view nutrition and physical exercise. I view my Primal life-style as a permanent change that happens to also have helped loose weight. Durkan seems to be a straight forward weight loss programme, and I do worry when people are sold quick-fixes instead of encouraged to make permanent change.

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