Must-See Video: Dr. Terry Wahls reverses effects of Multiple Sclerosis

This TED video went viral in the Ancestral Health community immediately after it was released late 2011. In it, Dr. Terry Wahls recounts the remarkable story of how she reversed the effects of her Multiple Sclerosis through a Paleo diet adapted specifically to address her condition. She started regaining her mobility within weeks of changing her diet.

Aside from this remarkable transformation, one of the things that really inspired me on this video is Dr. Wahls’ shift from a supplements focused approach to an exploration of real food as medicine. Here is how she describes it:

“Then it occurred to me that I should get my long list of nutrients from food. That if I did this I would probably get hundreds, maybe thousands, of other compounds that science had yet to name and identify, but that would be helpful to my brain and my mitochondria. But I didn’t know where they were in the food supply. And neither did the medical texts nor the food science with whom I consulted……….but it turned out the internet did.”

Jimmy Moore’s interview of Dr. Terry Wahls in January is one of the best he has had recently. Here is a link.

You can also learn more about Terry Wahls on her website:

Finally, Dr. Terry Wahls appears to have done an admirable job as a parent despite the challenge of her MS. Here her son is making a powerful address to the Iowa House of Representatives:


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  1. Wow that is very impressive!!!

  2. I would like to see a link to the research she carried out!

  3. @DB

    A small trial was conducted, but I am not sure the results have been published yet. Also, Dr. Terry Wahls is trying to raise money for more clinical research, but it is challenging because she can’t tap up the pharmaceuticals for money. Here is an article that describes some of the research that has been carried out:

  4. Thanks for the link. Very interesting indeed. My friend just tried low carb, and he had anxiety, and has found it cleared his mood significantly after one meal. I blogged about it but it seems that low carb/paleo may have many more benefits we havn’t considered.

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